Lizzy 4

Lizzy was spinning when she left her trailer to get something to eat. She realized she was starving, between the workout this morning and having only a bowl of cereal starving. At first Lizzy did not notice people staring at her while she was on her way to catering. When Lizzy did finally notice she was thankfully next to a restroom. She darted in quickly realizing how she may look. When Lizzy got into the restroom and turned on the light she gasped “O My God” she really was a mess. Her shirt was buttoned up all wrong; lipstick was smeared all over her mouth and left check and her hair made her look like Medusas younger sister. “God what a mess” she thought to herself.

Lizzy quickly went to cleaning herself up. Lizzy was sure she was not going to be able to hide the fact that Jered was in her trailer just now. But the hell she thought, let people think what they going to. She had been through enough the last few weeks made this seem mild. At least it was something normal; actors hook up with each other all the time. Lizzy wondered what her and Jered were, or becoming to each other. Why was Jered suddenly so interested in her? Maybe he was just saying that to see if she would tell him anything. Maybe the police asked him to see what he could find out. That thought scared Lizzy.

Lizzy stepped out of the restroom ready to met the stares and questioning faces of the rest of the crew. She only got a few feet when a police officer stopped her. “Ms. Scott I would like to ask you some questions” the detective said to her as he showed her his badge. Lizzy was unsure what to do; she did not want to talk to the police again. What if they really did think she had something to do with Umberto’s death? Lizzy blurted out “I am on my way to get something to eat and I am really short on time.” Unfortunately the detective replied, “That will be fine, I will join you”. Lizzy waited for the detective to join her, dreading the questions he was going to ask her. Now the crew would add this to their water cooler topics.

Lizzy found she was unsteady as she walked. She attributed it to being nervous about being considered a suspect. She could not believe the police thought she had anything to do with that accident with Umberto. The detective asked his first question as they approached the line at the buffet “Ms. Scott were you aware that Umberto Rodriguez was one of the gentlemen that was playing tricks on you?” Lizzy looked at the detective next to her stunned. Her last bit steadiness seeped away. Lizzy thought, “Here it comes, they suspect me of murder.”

Lizzy dropped her plate unknowingly. She had first heard about this from Jered but now the detective was telling her the same thing. All the blood drained from Lizzy’s face as she stuttered to the detective “What?” Lizzy was only able to shake her head “No”. The detective became alarmed by Lizzy’s appearance. She was ghostly white, could not talk and he saw her hands begin to shake. He started thinking questioning Lizzy was a bad idea. Obviously bringing up that night was still a sensitive subject. He was hoping she could give him some information, no matter how small.
As the detective waited for Lizzy to collect herself he saw her eyes roll back and she dropped to the ground. The detective caught her just before she hit the ground. He was picking her up just as one of the producers came running up to them. The producer showed him to Lizzy’s trailer. The producer opened the door and the detective brought her in and laid her on her bed at the back of the trailer. The on set medic was called and showed up within a few minutes.

While the medic checked Lizzy’s vitals the producer and detective moved to the front room. A few minutes later the medic declared she was fine. He believed Lizzy most likely fainted from shock. The producer called one of the makeup artists that were friendly with Lizzy and who usually did her make up to sit with her until she woke up. Before the medic left he said that if she did not wake up in within the next fifteen minutes she should be taken to the hospital. They nodded as the medic left.

The detective and the producer left Lizzy’s trailer to talk outside. The detective told the producer he was afraid his questioning might have caused Lizzy to faint. Finding out someone she worked with had tormented her deliberately and now died tragically was going to be a shock for anyone. The detective shook his head thinking he should not have told her like that. He should have let her eat something first and then tell her while she was sitting down.

The detective further told the producer the investigation was still ongoing. They were still trying to determine if Umberto’s death was an accident or not. So far they were still following up on leads and were still talking to other cast and crewmembers. They would continue to investigate for further information and leads.

The detective was hoping Lizzy had heard or had been told something that could be helpful. He now doubted this giving her reaction to the news about Umberto. The officer shrugged in defeat and gave the producer his card. He told the producer to give his card to Lizzy because he would still like to speak to her. The two men shook hands and the detective left.

Lizzy had been listening to everything the two men had said after they left her trailer. Thank god she had mostly pretended to faint outside. She had been really hungry and then pretty stressed out when she believed the detective was about to accuse her of murder. As Lizzy thought about it maybe she did really pass out for a short time. She did not remember how she got to her trailer or onto her bed.

In any case Lizzy was relived to hear she was not a suspect. After what Jered had been saying to her earlier she was very confused and emotionally raw. She lay for a few more moments pretending she was still out. Slowly she got up and acted bewildered and wondered how she got in her trailer. The makeup artist Alice was very concerned and would not let her stand up yet. Alice went and got her some water and the producer Howard came in behind her with a very concerned look on his face.

Lizzy could at least face these two at the moment. She knew what to expect and could play out the part. Alice came into her sleeping area first with a bottle of water; she was looking at the producer with warning eyes not to upset Lizzy. Bless Alice, Lizzy thought. Howard came in and sat on the end of the bed. “How are you Lizzy. You gave us a bit of a scare again”. Lizzy exhaled “I am fine Howard. I think the detective telling me Umberto was one of the men who was taunting me that night just brought it all back” Lizzy acted flustered which she really was. Her heart was racing a little like a child about to get caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Lizzy drank her water which helped calm down her growling stomach. A few times she was sure Alice and Howard heard its protest for not being fed.

Howard gently recounting what the police detective had told him. He was pausing frequently and checking Lizzy’s condition to make sure there was not a relapse in her fainting. When Howard was done he gave Lizzy the detectives card and told her to call him since he still had some questions. Lizzy took the card from Howard promising him she would call the detective soon. Lizzy assured Howard and Alice she was fine now and over the shock of it all. Right now the thing she needed most was food. As if to reiterate her condition her stomach growled and they all laughed. Howard left Lizzy’s trailer first then followed by Alice and Lizzy.  They all walked back to the buffet together, just in time really because the caterers were about to pack it all up. Lizzy loaded up on salad and some plain grilled shrimp.

Before Lizzy sat down at one of the tables set up for lunch she reassured Howard and Alice she was fine and that they could go back to doing whatever they needed to. They hesitated and Lizzy insisted and pushed them away with her free hand. Lizzy watched smiling as Alice and Howard walked away. They walked away together back to the stage glancing back a few times. Lizzy just smiled and waved with her free hand.

Grateful to finally be alone and able to eat Lizzy sat down. She looked around while she ate and realized that no one was around. She thankfully missed all the stares and all the people whispering quietly to each other. She was sure she sparked enough to talk about for the rest of the week with the scene with Jered and how they were acting with each other suddenly. She was sure that the rumor got around about how she looked when she came out of her trailer. Then of course speaking to the detective and fainting and having to be carried back to her trailer.

Lizzy sighed to herself suddenly not looking forward to all the questioning stares. But if she could live through her mother telling the producer that she was basically having a mental breakdown then she could get through this. Hell more drama, it may end up being good for her career if the news media got word of everything.

Now the crew was going to find out that Lizzy wasn’t really crazy, that there really was someone taunting her on the set. And according to the police detective there was another one that helped Umberto. Lizzy wondered how the detective found out about that, who told. Maybe she could get the name of the other person from the detective when she called him.

Lizzy wondered how she was going to torment her mother with this new information. Her mother had embarrassed her and jeopardized her career by one simple statement. What really hurt the most was that her mother had not protected her regardless of what she thought. Lizzy would deal with all that later. Right now she wanted to finish eating and get ready for the next scene with Jered.

Where did he get off to anyway?


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