The eeriness crept up her back as she walked down the hall. She did not know what triggered the feeling but it frightened her.
She kept walking toward the end of the hall to the vacant bedroom. The one the old woman lived in. She always meant to make it an office or something, but she never did.
Now with her intention set after all these years she was apprehensive. Why was that? She never felt this way about the room before.

Of course she never cleaned  out the old woman’s things but it just did not seem right to get rid of it all, right away. As time went on she just forgot about it. She decided a few days ago to take the room for herself. She wanted a new space, something just of her.
Yes the whole house was hers but this would be more of a relaxing space. Trash bag in hand she walked to the end of the hallway, the goose bumps raised higher on her skin the closer she got to the room. She was starting to get cold and her heart was beating faster. No, she cannot be apprehensive now. Keep walking she told herself. She got to the door, looked at the doorknob, slowly reached out for it. She paused just for a moment thinking what if…
She touched the doorknob. It was warm as if someone had just opened the door before her. Of course that could not be. She turned the knob set with her decision. She slowly opened the door. Holding her breath. The knob clicked, all she had to do now was push the door open. All she felt was terror now, something telling her not to open that door, do not go into the room.
Slowly, slowly she to pushed the door open. She was now so cold she was shivering. Should she just forget all this, no, it was her house not the old woman’s. She finally pulled together her courage and pushed the door open against everything screaming at her to stop, to go back, do not do this.
She did not even step into the room. She got the door open about a foot and the scream froze in her throat as she died.


3 Responses to “HER ROOM”

  1. November 26, 2009 at 10:26 PM

    OMG I was reading and …me I LOVE horror stuff…so I was totally interested but whwere could she go with this. But when I got to the end..I TOTALLY NO JOKE got chills all down my arms..
    Good job woman 🙂

  2. November 16, 2009 at 7:38 PM

    Whoa, definitely dark and scary. Love it!


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