Lizzy had been back at work for a few weeks now and was grateful for the time away from her mother. Not that the people on the set were treating her any different than her mother was. At least they were not following her around and continually wanting to know what she was doing and where she was going.

Lizzy’s mother decided to call the producers and director the day after the accident and tell them that Lizzy thought she was deliberately attacked and that she had been hearing voices prior to the incident. Now everyone knew the story and treated her like a mental patient. Right now Lizzy really hated her mother for doing that to her. It seemed her mother was deliberately trying to ruin her career, but for what reason Lizzy had no idea. . The only thing Lizzy could do right now was her job and do it well without any new problems. She had to show the producers and the rest of the cast and crew she was stable.

There was one good thing that came out of that night.. Someone would always be posted at the door and do a sweep at the end of the night before locking up. This way no one was on the set alone anymore. Lizzy found out this was suppose to be happening on the night she had the accident. Security said they checked and never saw or heard Lizzy. She told the producers that maybe she was changing her clothes when they were checking for anyone left on the stage. The producers made the rule that the security person waiting has to be there an hour to make sure everyone is out of the soundstage. This really pissed off Shane, who was supposed to make sure everyone was off the stage. Shane got reprimanded for not waiting around long enough to account for people getting out of wardrobe. Lizzy did not care. At least she was not the last one off the stage anymore.

When the news media found out about Lizzy’s accident they stared reporting it as a possible Ghost attack, contributing to the rumors about that particular stage. They were even reporting that Lizzy had told a few people privately that she had been hearing her name being whispered late at night and other obscure happenings. Lizzy started getting more fan mail from the news reports especially since her character was into the occult on the show now. If the producers were thinking of firing her as a liability, they quickly changed their minds once the fan mail started rolling in.

There were a few days after Lizzy first got back that she had only a few lines and it looked like she was going to be written off the show. But by the end of the next week that had all changed. Now Lizzy was the star and she wanted to keep it that way. The cast and crew were starting to relax around her as well as she kept going and doing her job without any problems.

Now only if her mother would stop following her around the house. She had not moved out yet because of her father. The sweetest man she knew. He was genuinely concerned about her and tried not to smother her. Whereas her mother just would not leave her alone.

One thing Lizzy did shortly after she came home was put a lock on her bedroom door. Lizzy found that hysterical. The locked door drove her mother crazy. Her mother he was not able to walk in on Lizzy whenever she wanted. Served the witch right for telling on her to the producers, she thought. She was going get even with her mother for that one and for not believing Lizzy at the hospital. Her father was another story. He was completely supportive of Lizzy and had no problems when she put the lock on her door. Lizzy even gave him the only other key just in case she lost hers. He promised he would not tell Lizzy’s mother he had a copy of the key.

On the set, only a few of the crew had teased her. Lizzy just ignored them and the teasing started to go away. One of the actors, Jered, had told her secretly that he had experienced the same thing on a few occasions. He told her how all the lights kept going on and off, someone was whispering his name and he was sure he was being followed one night. He was also glad there was someone on the stage late to make sure everyone got out. Sweet Jered, he never teased her or looked at her funny like everyone else did when she got back. Jered was a sensitive kind of person, which was the best way she could describe him. Of course he did not let on that he was a sensitive kind of person except to the people he trusted. Lizzy wasn’t sure if he was gay or not, she never asked and he never said one way or another. All she knew was he seemed to be the only one who believed her and did not treat her as if she were “Broken”. Lizzy had to thank her mother for that unwelcome title every day.

Shortly after Lizzy got out of the hospital she started having strange dreams. They were so vivid they seemed real. But they could not have been real because she could never be like the person in her dreams.

Lizzy had woken up a few nights soaked in sweat remembering the most awful things. This was suppose to be after her car accident and she was going around trying to hurt people in the hospital. There was one little girl she verbally taunted for days and Lizzy had to be put in isolation. The little girl was comatose after Lizzy had traumatized her.

She remembered fighting with the nurses and trying to bite them and screaming like an animal. Every time she had the dream, right before she would wake up, she would be standing in a doctor’s office with a bloody knife. Sometimes Lizzy would be standing over someone with the bloody knife, sometimes she would be standing in the doorway with the bloody knife.

Once when she woke up she had been standing in the doorway of the doctors office facing the hall and watching the orderlies coming for her while she laughed manically holding the bloody knife. In all of her dreams she was holding a bloody kitchen knife because she had just butchered the doctor.

These dreams frightened Lizzy, something about them felt very real. But she could never kill anyone and she would remember if she had. Lizzy was also having other dreams of killing some of the people on the cast. After these dreams, she would not wake up drenched but she was still disturbed about having them.

Lizzy kept all this to herself. Her mother knew something was going on. She was standing in the door one night when Lizzy had woken up. After that night is when Lizzy decided she needed the lock on her door. Since then her mother kept insisting she go see a psychiatrist. Lizzy believed they were all quacks and they had no idea what the hell they were doing. She would not go see one. Her mother would not give up the idea. Lizzy took to screaming at her mother to shut up, and that she did not know what she was talking about. Lizzy was fine and she kept telling her mother that. Lizzy could not be seen as mentally unstable right now. Whenever the producers asked her how she was doing she always put on a happy face and told them “Everything is great!”  “The new direction of the character is a lot of fun. All the fan mail is fantastic. Thank You”. Lizzy would then walk away leaving them with the idea she was truly okay. And aside from the nightmares she felt fine.

Lizzy and Jered were starting to become friends. They were around each other so much. The writers made them lovers on the show so that meant rehearsals and same time on set and the same times off pretty much. She did not mind, Jered was great and easy to talk to. She did not confide her nightmares to him though. She did not trust anyone enough to do that.

One day at lunch in Lizzy’s trailer Jered said he overheard two guys talking about how they “Scared the shit out of Lizzy one night”. Jared told Lizzy who they were, Umberto and Dave. Jared went on about how they had to be the same guys that were harassing him as well. Jered thought they needed to do something to get back at the guys, but Lizzy said she would not have anything to do with it. She was having a hard enough time fitting in again thanks to her mother. After a while of talking about it and Lizzy still refusing to be involved Jered finally dropped the revenge plot and they went on to other topics and then rehearsal.

A few weeks later Jered and Lizzy were getting ready to shoot their last scene for the night when they heard screaming and a loud crash. Everyone on set ran to the commotion. On one of the living room sets Umberto lay tangled with the coffee table and couch. It was hard to make him out, His body was mangled from the fall but it was clearly Umberto. The producer called it a day and told everyone not to go anywhere. The police were on their way and they may want to talk to everyone.

Lizzy and Jered walked silently to wardrobe to change their clothes. Neither spoke to the other. They were both thinking of the conversation in her trailer during lunch a while back.


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