Marzipan the Cat

Marzipan was in his own little world. Of course he shared it with a few humans, but they did whatever he wanted. They fed him when he was hungry, pet him when he needed to be scratched, and let him use their laps when he was cold. That was about all they were good for.

At times he did try to get them to let him out to where ever they went, but they always blocked his way. Marzipan was very curious as to what lay outside the door. It had all kinds of interesting smells and some familiar ones like him. He wanted to get out and find out if there were others like him.

Marzipan was lounging on the couch one day when he caught a whiff of an intriguing smell. He took it in and slowly came awake. Where was this smell coming from, he only knew it when the door was open and he was standing next to it. The humans left a while ago so there was no one there to open the door. Marzipan looked toward the door and saw a face. Not a body with it, just a face peeking around the front door.

Marzipan leapt off the couch and ran toward the face at the front door. By the time he got there the face was gone so Marzipan ran out the door to find “The Face”. “The Face” was there, right on the porch. Marzipan stopped and stared at “The Face”. The body of “The Face” was taut and the fur was standing on end and it was growling at Marzipan. Marzipan was curious, this was not like looking into the wall that looked back at you and did the same things you did. No, this face did not look like Marzipan and it was not doing what Marzipan was doing.

Marzipan approached slowly, smelling “The Face” as he approached. “The Face” was growling and backing up slowly, Marzipan kept approaching slowly smelling. What a wonderful smell Marzipan thought. This must be what it was like on the other side of the door. He wanted to know more. Marzipan was so excited his curiosity got the better of him and he walked right up to “The Face”. That was the wrong move because “The Face” jumped on Marzipan and started scratching and biting him. Marzipan was on his back howling and “The Face” was on top of him about to bite his belly. Marzipan took his back claw to “The Faces” neck and scratched hard. “The Face” howled and leapt off Marzipan and was gone.

Marzipan was in pain, he had clumps of fur missing all over his body and he could taste blood whenever he licked himself. Marzipan thought maybe being on the other side of the door was not so great. But the smells were wonderful, he had to keep searching. For the moment he forgot about the pain he was in. Marzipan walked off the porch and started smelling the green prickly stuff. He wanted to eat it, something about the smell told him to eat the tall shoots. He ate a few and his stomach liked it. He went in search of more tall green shoots. Walking on the green stuff was strange; it was not soft like the cushy floor in the house but the padding on his paws made it easy for him to walk on it. He felt the green shoots come up between his toes as he walked and in the brown spots it made a funny crunching sound.

Marzipan found some more green shoots to eat. While he was chewing on them he noticed little bugs jumping in the grass. They were fun to watch for a few moments while he ate. But then he started itching in spots all over his body and it was uncomfortable to stand still. Marzipan ran from the spot with the green shoots to get away from the itching but it followed him.

Marzipan ran under a bush and was trying to bite all the little itchy spots away. But it did no good, he would bite one spot and another and two more spots would start to itch. This never happened in his house. In the middle of a good scratch near one of his ears something screamed right above Marzipan. He crouched flat to the ground and looked up. There was really big black bird that was making a lot of noise toward Marzipan. Marzipan had seen the birds through the clear walls in the house before but they were really big when they were on top of you. The bird really started screeching and Marzipan got scared and bolted from under the bush. Marzipan wanted to get as far away from the giant bird as possible and ended up in the neighbors yard.

Marzipan saw some more bushes on the other side of the yard and ran for them. When he reached the cover of the bushes it was cool here. The ground was soft and so far it was quiet, and for the moment all the itching had stopped. Marzipan lay down after a few minutes and took a nap. He was very tired after all the events so far. Marzipan dreamed of his human’s soft warm laps and all the fluffy blankets where his humans slept. He started dreaming of chasing toys his humans would throw for him, and jumping into the air to catch them. Sometimes bringing the toy to his human to throw again just so he could run after it again. Sometimes he would make his human go get the toy and throw it again. Marzipan purred as he slept.

Only a few hours of blissful rest was suddenly interrupted by something chattering nearby. Marzipan was jolted awake by a really pissed off squirrel shaking his tail at Marzipan. He had seen plenty of them through the clear wall but never up close. The thing was chirping and waging its tail at Marzipan as if it were mad Marzipan was there. All of a sudden the squirrel took off when there was a loud crash above them in the buses. Marzipan followed the squirrel, not to play or aggravate the thing but he did not know what had just happened. Marzipan figured he was better off fleeing the area like the squirrel did instead of staying to investigate.

Marzipan lost the squirrel because it took off past the bushes. Marzipan was not willing to leave the cover of the bushes yet since it had turned dark while he had slept.  Everything smelled different and there was a change around him now that it was dark. He got the feeling he was not safe.  Marzipan started itching again, it was now worse and he was getting hungry and thirsty. Marzipan missed his human’s bed, the warmth of the down comforter. Outside it smelled of dirt and other animals. The ground was cold and it seemed he kept getting attached. The scratches “The Face” gave him were beginning to really hurt.

Marzipan wanted to go home. If he went home everything would be okay again. He could eat, get warm and be petted. He would not be attacked but played with.

Marzipan looked past the yard to his front yard, not far to go. Just then his humans car came home and into the driveway. Marzipan saw them get out and go to the front door and into the house. Marzipan heard the front door close, what was he going to do now. He had no way to get back into his home. He had to try.

Marzipan slowly came out from the cover of the bushes going toward his house. He was looking around for anything that might jump out at him again. He had no idea what he was looking for really. Suddenly from behind him a furry creature went hopping past him a few feet and stopped. Marzipan did not know what to do as he had never seen anything like this before. Was it going to attack him like all the other animals did? Marzipan watched as the animal ate the grass seemingly unconcerned about him. Marzipan slowly inched forward toward him home. He was watching the animal eating as he went along.

Marzipan heard the sound of water being turned on. He did not know where the sound was coming from since there was not a shower around. The next thing Marzipan knew he was getting drenched with water. It was coming down everywhere and he did not know where to go. All this commotion had to stop, Marzipan had to get home. The animal that was eating grass took off toward Marzipans house clearly trying to get out of the water as well. Marzipan followed thinking this animal knew what he was doing.

Just before they made it under his owners’ car he heard the sound of wind.  “What now” he thought. Nothing else can happen. Just them the fury little animal that was eating grass was picked up by giant claws and hoisted into the air. Marzipan looked up just long enough to see a huge white bird. He had never seen anything like it before. Marzipan decided it was really dangerous out of his house, especially at night.

Marzipan made to the cover of his humans car. He was so upset, hungry and cold he started to cry. It felt better for him to let it out so he cried even louder and just kept crying. Marzipan was thinking of his home, how he wanted to go back but couldn’t because the door was closed. He began to think he would never sleep on a warm bed again, or lie on the lap of his humans and have then pet him. He cried even louder.

Marzipan then heard his name called; he whimpered. Again his name was called. Marzipan saw one of his human’s faces. It was the female. She was leaning down looking at him under the car. She was speaking sweetly to him. Marzipan cried in relief at seeing her face. He could not move he was so happy. He wanted to go home. He thought maybe she could just grab him and take him back into the house.
Marzipan realized he had to go to his human; she could not get to him where he was. He inched toward her as she spoke sweetly to him. Marzipan was so happy but scared at the same time. He just wanted to go back in the house. Marzipan finally ran the rest of the way to his human. When he reached her she grabbed him gently and picked him up. Marzipan felt the warmth from her body and the familiar smell of her skin. She walked back into the house with Marzipan in her arms and she closed the door. That made Marzipan very happy and he cried quietly again.

Both his humans cleaned him up and brushed him. They cleaned out his cuts with stuff that stung and put some liquid on his neck. Marzipan did not like this kind of attention but they seemed to know what they were doing. When they were done they let him go and Marzipan ran to his food bowl. As Marzipan ate his food the ordeal outside was fading away. Aside from the itching and stinging from the scratches, he was calming down.

Marzipan ate till he was full, now he wanted water. He drank until he could not drink anymore. He was now tired, he wanted nothing more than to lay down on his humans bed and rest. Outside Marzipan did not rest well today and needed to catch up on his sleep. He walked through the house and into the bedroom of his humans. He jumped up on the bed and found his favorite spot. As Marzipan drifted off to sleep he purred, Happy to be home and safe.


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