Lizzy 4

Lizzy was spinning when she left her trailer to get something to eat. She realized she was starving, between the workout this morning and having only a bowl of cereal starving. At first Lizzy did not notice people staring at her while she was on her way to catering. When Lizzy did finally notice she was thankfully next to a restroom. She darted in quickly realizing how she may look. When Lizzy got into the restroom and turned on the light she gasped “O My God” she really was a mess. Her shirt was buttoned up all wrong; lipstick was smeared all over her mouth and left check and her hair made her look like Medusas younger sister. “God what a mess” she thought to herself.

Lizzy quickly went to cleaning herself up. Lizzy was sure she was not going to be able to hide the fact that Jered was in her trailer just now. But the hell she thought, let people think what they going to. She had been through enough the last few weeks made this seem mild. At least it was something normal; actors hook up with each other all the time. Lizzy wondered what her and Jered were, or becoming to each other. Why was Jered suddenly so interested in her? Maybe he was just saying that to see if she would tell him anything. Maybe the police asked him to see what he could find out. That thought scared Lizzy.

Lizzy stepped out of the restroom ready to met the stares and questioning faces of the rest of the crew. She only got a few feet when a police officer stopped her. “Ms. Scott I would like to ask you some questions” the detective said to her as he showed her his badge. Lizzy was unsure what to do; she did not want to talk to the police again. What if they really did think she had something to do with Umberto’s death? Lizzy blurted out “I am on my way to get something to eat and I am really short on time.” Unfortunately the detective replied, “That will be fine, I will join you”. Lizzy waited for the detective to join her, dreading the questions he was going to ask her. Now the crew would add this to their water cooler topics.

Lizzy found she was unsteady as she walked. She attributed it to being nervous about being considered a suspect. She could not believe the police thought she had anything to do with that accident with Umberto. The detective asked his first question as they approached the line at the buffet “Ms. Scott were you aware that Umberto Rodriguez was one of the gentlemen that was playing tricks on you?” Lizzy looked at the detective next to her stunned. Her last bit steadiness seeped away. Lizzy thought, “Here it comes, they suspect me of murder.”

Lizzy dropped her plate unknowingly. She had first heard about this from Jered but now the detective was telling her the same thing. All the blood drained from Lizzy’s face as she stuttered to the detective “What?” Lizzy was only able to shake her head “No”. The detective became alarmed by Lizzy’s appearance. She was ghostly white, could not talk and he saw her hands begin to shake. He started thinking questioning Lizzy was a bad idea. Obviously bringing up that night was still a sensitive subject. He was hoping she could give him some information, no matter how small.
As the detective waited for Lizzy to collect herself he saw her eyes roll back and she dropped to the ground. The detective caught her just before she hit the ground. He was picking her up just as one of the producers came running up to them. The producer showed him to Lizzy’s trailer. The producer opened the door and the detective brought her in and laid her on her bed at the back of the trailer. The on set medic was called and showed up within a few minutes.

While the medic checked Lizzy’s vitals the producer and detective moved to the front room. A few minutes later the medic declared she was fine. He believed Lizzy most likely fainted from shock. The producer called one of the makeup artists that were friendly with Lizzy and who usually did her make up to sit with her until she woke up. Before the medic left he said that if she did not wake up in within the next fifteen minutes she should be taken to the hospital. They nodded as the medic left.

The detective and the producer left Lizzy’s trailer to talk outside. The detective told the producer he was afraid his questioning might have caused Lizzy to faint. Finding out someone she worked with had tormented her deliberately and now died tragically was going to be a shock for anyone. The detective shook his head thinking he should not have told her like that. He should have let her eat something first and then tell her while she was sitting down.

The detective further told the producer the investigation was still ongoing. They were still trying to determine if Umberto’s death was an accident or not. So far they were still following up on leads and were still talking to other cast and crewmembers. They would continue to investigate for further information and leads.

The detective was hoping Lizzy had heard or had been told something that could be helpful. He now doubted this giving her reaction to the news about Umberto. The officer shrugged in defeat and gave the producer his card. He told the producer to give his card to Lizzy because he would still like to speak to her. The two men shook hands and the detective left.

Lizzy had been listening to everything the two men had said after they left her trailer. Thank god she had mostly pretended to faint outside. She had been really hungry and then pretty stressed out when she believed the detective was about to accuse her of murder. As Lizzy thought about it maybe she did really pass out for a short time. She did not remember how she got to her trailer or onto her bed.

In any case Lizzy was relived to hear she was not a suspect. After what Jered had been saying to her earlier she was very confused and emotionally raw. She lay for a few more moments pretending she was still out. Slowly she got up and acted bewildered and wondered how she got in her trailer. The makeup artist Alice was very concerned and would not let her stand up yet. Alice went and got her some water and the producer Howard came in behind her with a very concerned look on his face.

Lizzy could at least face these two at the moment. She knew what to expect and could play out the part. Alice came into her sleeping area first with a bottle of water; she was looking at the producer with warning eyes not to upset Lizzy. Bless Alice, Lizzy thought. Howard came in and sat on the end of the bed. “How are you Lizzy. You gave us a bit of a scare again”. Lizzy exhaled “I am fine Howard. I think the detective telling me Umberto was one of the men who was taunting me that night just brought it all back” Lizzy acted flustered which she really was. Her heart was racing a little like a child about to get caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Lizzy drank her water which helped calm down her growling stomach. A few times she was sure Alice and Howard heard its protest for not being fed.

Howard gently recounting what the police detective had told him. He was pausing frequently and checking Lizzy’s condition to make sure there was not a relapse in her fainting. When Howard was done he gave Lizzy the detectives card and told her to call him since he still had some questions. Lizzy took the card from Howard promising him she would call the detective soon. Lizzy assured Howard and Alice she was fine now and over the shock of it all. Right now the thing she needed most was food. As if to reiterate her condition her stomach growled and they all laughed. Howard left Lizzy’s trailer first then followed by Alice and Lizzy.  They all walked back to the buffet together, just in time really because the caterers were about to pack it all up. Lizzy loaded up on salad and some plain grilled shrimp.

Before Lizzy sat down at one of the tables set up for lunch she reassured Howard and Alice she was fine and that they could go back to doing whatever they needed to. They hesitated and Lizzy insisted and pushed them away with her free hand. Lizzy watched smiling as Alice and Howard walked away. They walked away together back to the stage glancing back a few times. Lizzy just smiled and waved with her free hand.

Grateful to finally be alone and able to eat Lizzy sat down. She looked around while she ate and realized that no one was around. She thankfully missed all the stares and all the people whispering quietly to each other. She was sure she sparked enough to talk about for the rest of the week with the scene with Jered and how they were acting with each other suddenly. She was sure that the rumor got around about how she looked when she came out of her trailer. Then of course speaking to the detective and fainting and having to be carried back to her trailer.

Lizzy sighed to herself suddenly not looking forward to all the questioning stares. But if she could live through her mother telling the producer that she was basically having a mental breakdown then she could get through this. Hell more drama, it may end up being good for her career if the news media got word of everything.

Now the crew was going to find out that Lizzy wasn’t really crazy, that there really was someone taunting her on the set. And according to the police detective there was another one that helped Umberto. Lizzy wondered how the detective found out about that, who told. Maybe she could get the name of the other person from the detective when she called him.

Lizzy wondered how she was going to torment her mother with this new information. Her mother had embarrassed her and jeopardized her career by one simple statement. What really hurt the most was that her mother had not protected her regardless of what she thought. Lizzy would deal with all that later. Right now she wanted to finish eating and get ready for the next scene with Jered.

Where did he get off to anyway?


Marzipan the Cat

Marzipan was in his own little world. Of course he shared it with a few humans, but they did whatever he wanted. They fed him when he was hungry, pet him when he needed to be scratched, and let him use their laps when he was cold. That was about all they were good for.

At times he did try to get them to let him out to where ever they went, but they always blocked his way. Marzipan was very curious as to what lay outside the door. It had all kinds of interesting smells and some familiar ones like him. He wanted to get out and find out if there were others like him.

Marzipan was lounging on the couch one day when he caught a whiff of an intriguing smell. He took it in and slowly came awake. Where was this smell coming from, he only knew it when the door was open and he was standing next to it. The humans left a while ago so there was no one there to open the door. Marzipan looked toward the door and saw a face. Not a body with it, just a face peeking around the front door.

Marzipan leapt off the couch and ran toward the face at the front door. By the time he got there the face was gone so Marzipan ran out the door to find “The Face”. “The Face” was there, right on the porch. Marzipan stopped and stared at “The Face”. The body of “The Face” was taut and the fur was standing on end and it was growling at Marzipan. Marzipan was curious, this was not like looking into the wall that looked back at you and did the same things you did. No, this face did not look like Marzipan and it was not doing what Marzipan was doing.

Marzipan approached slowly, smelling “The Face” as he approached. “The Face” was growling and backing up slowly, Marzipan kept approaching slowly smelling. What a wonderful smell Marzipan thought. This must be what it was like on the other side of the door. He wanted to know more. Marzipan was so excited his curiosity got the better of him and he walked right up to “The Face”. That was the wrong move because “The Face” jumped on Marzipan and started scratching and biting him. Marzipan was on his back howling and “The Face” was on top of him about to bite his belly. Marzipan took his back claw to “The Faces” neck and scratched hard. “The Face” howled and leapt off Marzipan and was gone.

Marzipan was in pain, he had clumps of fur missing all over his body and he could taste blood whenever he licked himself. Marzipan thought maybe being on the other side of the door was not so great. But the smells were wonderful, he had to keep searching. For the moment he forgot about the pain he was in. Marzipan walked off the porch and started smelling the green prickly stuff. He wanted to eat it, something about the smell told him to eat the tall shoots. He ate a few and his stomach liked it. He went in search of more tall green shoots. Walking on the green stuff was strange; it was not soft like the cushy floor in the house but the padding on his paws made it easy for him to walk on it. He felt the green shoots come up between his toes as he walked and in the brown spots it made a funny crunching sound.

Marzipan found some more green shoots to eat. While he was chewing on them he noticed little bugs jumping in the grass. They were fun to watch for a few moments while he ate. But then he started itching in spots all over his body and it was uncomfortable to stand still. Marzipan ran from the spot with the green shoots to get away from the itching but it followed him.

Marzipan ran under a bush and was trying to bite all the little itchy spots away. But it did no good, he would bite one spot and another and two more spots would start to itch. This never happened in his house. In the middle of a good scratch near one of his ears something screamed right above Marzipan. He crouched flat to the ground and looked up. There was really big black bird that was making a lot of noise toward Marzipan. Marzipan had seen the birds through the clear walls in the house before but they were really big when they were on top of you. The bird really started screeching and Marzipan got scared and bolted from under the bush. Marzipan wanted to get as far away from the giant bird as possible and ended up in the neighbors yard.

Marzipan saw some more bushes on the other side of the yard and ran for them. When he reached the cover of the bushes it was cool here. The ground was soft and so far it was quiet, and for the moment all the itching had stopped. Marzipan lay down after a few minutes and took a nap. He was very tired after all the events so far. Marzipan dreamed of his human’s soft warm laps and all the fluffy blankets where his humans slept. He started dreaming of chasing toys his humans would throw for him, and jumping into the air to catch them. Sometimes bringing the toy to his human to throw again just so he could run after it again. Sometimes he would make his human go get the toy and throw it again. Marzipan purred as he slept.

Only a few hours of blissful rest was suddenly interrupted by something chattering nearby. Marzipan was jolted awake by a really pissed off squirrel shaking his tail at Marzipan. He had seen plenty of them through the clear wall but never up close. The thing was chirping and waging its tail at Marzipan as if it were mad Marzipan was there. All of a sudden the squirrel took off when there was a loud crash above them in the buses. Marzipan followed the squirrel, not to play or aggravate the thing but he did not know what had just happened. Marzipan figured he was better off fleeing the area like the squirrel did instead of staying to investigate.

Marzipan lost the squirrel because it took off past the bushes. Marzipan was not willing to leave the cover of the bushes yet since it had turned dark while he had slept.  Everything smelled different and there was a change around him now that it was dark. He got the feeling he was not safe.  Marzipan started itching again, it was now worse and he was getting hungry and thirsty. Marzipan missed his human’s bed, the warmth of the down comforter. Outside it smelled of dirt and other animals. The ground was cold and it seemed he kept getting attached. The scratches “The Face” gave him were beginning to really hurt.

Marzipan wanted to go home. If he went home everything would be okay again. He could eat, get warm and be petted. He would not be attacked but played with.

Marzipan looked past the yard to his front yard, not far to go. Just then his humans car came home and into the driveway. Marzipan saw them get out and go to the front door and into the house. Marzipan heard the front door close, what was he going to do now. He had no way to get back into his home. He had to try.

Marzipan slowly came out from the cover of the bushes going toward his house. He was looking around for anything that might jump out at him again. He had no idea what he was looking for really. Suddenly from behind him a furry creature went hopping past him a few feet and stopped. Marzipan did not know what to do as he had never seen anything like this before. Was it going to attack him like all the other animals did? Marzipan watched as the animal ate the grass seemingly unconcerned about him. Marzipan slowly inched forward toward him home. He was watching the animal eating as he went along.

Marzipan heard the sound of water being turned on. He did not know where the sound was coming from since there was not a shower around. The next thing Marzipan knew he was getting drenched with water. It was coming down everywhere and he did not know where to go. All this commotion had to stop, Marzipan had to get home. The animal that was eating grass took off toward Marzipans house clearly trying to get out of the water as well. Marzipan followed thinking this animal knew what he was doing.

Just before they made it under his owners’ car he heard the sound of wind.  “What now” he thought. Nothing else can happen. Just them the fury little animal that was eating grass was picked up by giant claws and hoisted into the air. Marzipan looked up just long enough to see a huge white bird. He had never seen anything like it before. Marzipan decided it was really dangerous out of his house, especially at night.

Marzipan made to the cover of his humans car. He was so upset, hungry and cold he started to cry. It felt better for him to let it out so he cried even louder and just kept crying. Marzipan was thinking of his home, how he wanted to go back but couldn’t because the door was closed. He began to think he would never sleep on a warm bed again, or lie on the lap of his humans and have then pet him. He cried even louder.

Marzipan then heard his name called; he whimpered. Again his name was called. Marzipan saw one of his human’s faces. It was the female. She was leaning down looking at him under the car. She was speaking sweetly to him. Marzipan cried in relief at seeing her face. He could not move he was so happy. He wanted to go home. He thought maybe she could just grab him and take him back into the house.
Marzipan realized he had to go to his human; she could not get to him where he was. He inched toward her as she spoke sweetly to him. Marzipan was so happy but scared at the same time. He just wanted to go back in the house. Marzipan finally ran the rest of the way to his human. When he reached her she grabbed him gently and picked him up. Marzipan felt the warmth from her body and the familiar smell of her skin. She walked back into the house with Marzipan in her arms and she closed the door. That made Marzipan very happy and he cried quietly again.

Both his humans cleaned him up and brushed him. They cleaned out his cuts with stuff that stung and put some liquid on his neck. Marzipan did not like this kind of attention but they seemed to know what they were doing. When they were done they let him go and Marzipan ran to his food bowl. As Marzipan ate his food the ordeal outside was fading away. Aside from the itching and stinging from the scratches, he was calming down.

Marzipan ate till he was full, now he wanted water. He drank until he could not drink anymore. He was now tired, he wanted nothing more than to lay down on his humans bed and rest. Outside Marzipan did not rest well today and needed to catch up on his sleep. He walked through the house and into the bedroom of his humans. He jumped up on the bed and found his favorite spot. As Marzipan drifted off to sleep he purred, Happy to be home and safe.



The next morning Lizzy was awakened by the sound of her alarm. When she woke she was drenched with sweat and remnants of her dream at the edge of her memory. What Lizzy remembered about her dream was disturbing. She awoke on edge and nervous. In her dream she loosening the bolts on the catwalk, which made Umberto fall to his death. Lizzy knew she did not have anything to do with Umberto’s death.

Yesterday after Umberto was found tangled in furniture on the set the police questioned everyone. The police kept everyone there till well past midnight. They finally released everyone and concluded it was an accident. Something about the catwalk bolts coming loose resulting in it coming apart when Umberto walked over it. Umberto fell to his death in a pretty horrific way and scared the shit out of all the cast and crew.

Lizzy knew that the news media was going to have a hay day with this one. It was going to be another story to corroborate the stage being haunted. In a way it did not bother her that the show was going to be getting some more attention. Hell, the writers may just write it into the script somehow.

The day before, her and Jered said nothing to each other about Umberto’s accident. She knew he was thinking about the revenge he wanted to get on the guys that may have been harassing them that he confessed to her.  Not that she and Jered had a chance to talk after the fall yesterday. The police kept everyone pretty quite just by their presence. No one wanted the police to think they had anything to do with it so everyone just kept quite and to themselves.

Lizzy threw the covers off herself and jumped out of bed. She might as well get up. She was too restless to sleep anymore and did not want to stay in bed trying. All that would end up happening is she would continue playing her dream of loosening the bolts on the catwalk over again. .

Lizzy put on a robe and walked to the kitchen to get some cereal. Her mother was up and dressed to go out when Lizzy got there. Lizzy said the customary “Good morning” and went about her business. Lizzy heard her mother talking to talk to her but Lizzy just tuned her out. The sound was like a gnat near your ear that kept coming back when you swatted it away. Time to swat this gnat away. Lizzy turned to her mother with her nose scrunched up and disdain her voice and said, “Where are you going today dressed like that?”

That shut up the gnat. Lizzy’s mother stopped what she was doing and just stared at Lizzy. Lizzy smiled to herself, she was not willing to be nice to her mother. Lizzy walked over next to her mother and placed her cereal bowl in the sink. She then kissed her mother on the check sweetly. Lizzy turned around and headed back to her room and cheerfully said, “Have a good day Mother”.

Back in her room Lizzy dressed in her yoga pants and slim fitting top and headed out to the gym. Lizzy was wound up and thought she should burn off some of the excess energy in the gym or she would go out of her mind.

While Lizzy was doing yoga after her aerobics class, she was picturing revenge on her mother. It actually gave her great pleasure and peace while doing yoga. Amazing how that felt. She thought she could get lots of Belladonna and slowly spike her mothers coffee in the morning. That should not be that hard since her mother was the only one in the house that drank coffee. Lizzy and her father were tea drinkers. Maybe Lizzy could sneak into her room at night and super glue her hands together, or maybe loosen the some of the heels on her shoes. Lizzy kept going over these thoughts in her head during the hour-long class and was quite relaxed and at peace at the end. She bounced on her toes in exhilaration out of the gym and went home to get ready for her day. She had another late call with Jered. Her life was beginning to be so perfect.

Lizzy was euphoric when she got to the set. She was on her way to makeup and wardrobe humming away when she was unexpectedly grabbed by the arm and a hand went over her mouth. She was yanked into one of the bedroom sets. Lizzy wanted to scream. Her heart was racing and all the bad memories of that night alone in the dark came back to her. Suddenly the hand that had grabbed her was suddenly moved from her mouth and replaced with an urgent pair of lips forcefully kissing her.

Lizzy melted into whomever had grabbed her. The kiss was amazing, she had never experienced a sensation like this before. Maybe it was the euphoria and sudden terror combined with the urgency of the kiss. Lizzy finally opened her eyes to see who was kissing her. It was Jered. At that moment Jared pulled back breathless and said “That was amazing”. “I have been wanting to do that since yesterday. What you did was thrilling”. Lizzy looked a little confused at Jered thinking of what she could have done that was so amazing. Lizzy knew it wasn’t the rehearsal or the scene they were doing yesterday, everything had been so routine. Jered then said “I only wish you would have let me in on it, I would have helped” he was caressing her face with the back of his hand. He kissed her again and Lizzy forgot about everything for the moment.

Lizzy was not sure how she found her way to makeup and wardrobe after that. She seemed to just float in. When Lizzy finally came back to earth she was standing in front of Jered again ready to shoot a scene. She could not remember what they were doing. Lizzy had butterflies in her stomach and knew she had stars floating around her eyes. If Jered kissed her like that again she would be lost for sure.

Lizzy came out of her day dream just enough to ask what scene they were shooting, she was just blank. They handed her the script and she reviewed it quickly. Now she was on the same page as everyone else again. Her and Jered were arguing in this scene and he was supposed to grab her and kiss her in anger. Lizzy was then supposed to slap him.

Lizzy wasn’t sure she wanted to slap Jered and stop the kiss. Lizzy corrected herself that this was “make believe” and that she had a part to play. Lizzy told herself “The show must go on”. She got herself ready for the scene and looked to Jered, she could not read him at the moment as he was looking at the floor. The director called action and Lizzy and Jered just fell into their characters. They argued for a few moments and then he grabbed her. They argued a bit more while he held her tight adding to the tension between them. Just like before she melted into him when Jared kissed her. The kiss was forceful again, Lizzy will have to reevaluate Jered later. Right now she was enjoying this too much. Jered had gripped her arms roughly and she could tell by the way they bit into her skin that he was going to leave a bruise. Lizzy suddenly remembered she had to slap him. Lizzy pushed away roughly. Jered did not want to let her go and they fought for a second like this.

Finally Lizzy was able to get her right arm free and let loose with a great slap. Jered reeled toward the camera from the slap. Lizzy grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. She could not remember one of her lines, she was so lost in the moment. Jered looked up at her with a devious smile on his face and touched her face with his fingertips.

Just then the director screamed cut ranting and raving about the scene and declared it was perfect. He told the cameraman to make sure the film and take was good. That was the take the director wanted. The director watched the playback to see what it looked like on the screen while he waited. The cameraman reported back all was good and the director yelled “Moving on”.

Lizzy looked at Jered in exhilaration, she really was in the clouds. Her and Jered had just done a great scene, she came into work in a great mood and then the kiss to top all kisses . Jered was looking at Lizzy with a devilish grin and a mischievous glint in his eye. This excited Lizzy and she was wondering what had got into Jered. Lizzy had never seen him like this and she was thinking  she would have to take another look at Jered. He did not seem so “sweet” anymore. Clearly there was something else underneath that sweet  act of Jered’s.

They both walked to makeup and wardrobe in silence. As they passed the section of the stage where they were setting up for the next scene they overheard the director talking the his assistant “I don’t know what had gotten into those two but I hope they keep it up.” Lizzy and Jered smiled at each other.

Lizzy and Jered continued to makeup and wardrobe in an electrically charged silence. They both went to their respective sections of the wardrobe department and then their makeup chairs. Lizzy and Jered did not talk or rehearse which they normally did. They sat in stunned silence, occasionally glancing at one another. They emerged ready for their next scene just as everyone was done setting up for it. Lizzy and Jered did not waste any time but went straight to the set.  Lizzy came prepared to scene this time. While she was in makeup she went over the script. The director told them what he wanted and they went through the motion. It was an uneventful scene and it was wrapped just in time for dinner. Lizzy walked off the set alone and went to her trailer. She did not know what to think yet about Jered. She did not want to start making assumptions and be wrong. Then it would be awkward to work together.

Lizzy was opening the door to her trailer when she heard her name called. She turned around and saw Jered walking quickly toward her. Lizzy still had the incredible glow of the day about her when she looked at him. Jered reached her and lifted her off her feet and into the trailer and closed the door in one simple motion. They were kissing and their hands were all over each other. Lizzy was breathless and laying on the couch a few moments later.

Half of their clothes were lying about the floor and neither seemed to be in any rush to take the rest of them off. Jered started whispering in her ear “You were amazing yesterday, what you did was truly inspiring”. He was nuzzling her neck again “I wanted to tell you yesterday but the police were all over the place and I did not want to bring any attention to you”. Lizzy could not figure out what Jered was talking about, she was in two places at once. She really was trying to make sense out of what he was saying but he would kiss her again and she could not concentrate. Jered continued whispering in her ear “You have to let me help next time”.

Lizzy finally asked “Help me with what?” Jered stopped and pulled back to look at her. Jered said smiling to Lizzy “You know what I mean. What you did to Umberto, that was brilliant”. He had the look of admiration on his face and was leaning in to kiss her again when it dawned on Lizzy that he thought she killed Umberto.

She suddenly pushed Jered off and leapt to her feet and said “What the fuck are you talking about? I did nothing to Umberto. You heard the police it was an accident, the bolts in the walkway just came loose at the wrong time. I didn’t do anything”. Lizzy was scared. If Jered thought she killed Umberto, did the police as well? This could not be happening. She did not want to be investigated for murder just when her life was going great.

Jered sat up on the couch a little put out and looked at her grinning. “Right” he said. “After you left I heard the police talking and they did not believe it was an accident. They found out that the catwalks in all the stages are maintained monthly. The logs were pulled from the maintenance office last night. I heard them say that maintenance told them the catwalks in our stage were just gone over and several bolts were tightened just last week.” Jered reached for her and grabbed her hand and pulled her toward him “The police were going to list it as an accident because they had no leads and there were no fingerprints on anything to show it was a murder.” Jered spoke as he kissed Lizzy’s stomach “Brilliant Lizzy, really.”

Jered held up his hands when Lizzy pushed away from him and started
protesting his accusations of her killing Umberto. With a devilish grin Jered told Lizzy  “I will not mention it again and I agree you did not kill him.” Lizzy was looking at Jered stunned as he got off the couch and came toward her. He pulled her close and ran his fingers around her neck and pulled her in for another fiery kiss. Lizzy was lost again.

Jered had suddenly become very intoxicating in his thought of her being a killer and she was perversely enjoying every minute of it. Lizzy pulled back smothering a sudden sickening feeling but not sure why. “I think I need to eat” she said and hurriedly got dressed. Lizzy left her trailer with Jered standing there with a puzzled but admiring look on his face.



Lizzy had been back at work for a few weeks now and was grateful for the time away from her mother. Not that the people on the set were treating her any different than her mother was. At least they were not following her around and continually wanting to know what she was doing and where she was going.

Lizzy’s mother decided to call the producers and director the day after the accident and tell them that Lizzy thought she was deliberately attacked and that she had been hearing voices prior to the incident. Now everyone knew the story and treated her like a mental patient. Right now Lizzy really hated her mother for doing that to her. It seemed her mother was deliberately trying to ruin her career, but for what reason Lizzy had no idea. . The only thing Lizzy could do right now was her job and do it well without any new problems. She had to show the producers and the rest of the cast and crew she was stable.

There was one good thing that came out of that night.. Someone would always be posted at the door and do a sweep at the end of the night before locking up. This way no one was on the set alone anymore. Lizzy found out this was suppose to be happening on the night she had the accident. Security said they checked and never saw or heard Lizzy. She told the producers that maybe she was changing her clothes when they were checking for anyone left on the stage. The producers made the rule that the security person waiting has to be there an hour to make sure everyone is out of the soundstage. This really pissed off Shane, who was supposed to make sure everyone was off the stage. Shane got reprimanded for not waiting around long enough to account for people getting out of wardrobe. Lizzy did not care. At least she was not the last one off the stage anymore.

When the news media found out about Lizzy’s accident they stared reporting it as a possible Ghost attack, contributing to the rumors about that particular stage. They were even reporting that Lizzy had told a few people privately that she had been hearing her name being whispered late at night and other obscure happenings. Lizzy started getting more fan mail from the news reports especially since her character was into the occult on the show now. If the producers were thinking of firing her as a liability, they quickly changed their minds once the fan mail started rolling in.

There were a few days after Lizzy first got back that she had only a few lines and it looked like she was going to be written off the show. But by the end of the next week that had all changed. Now Lizzy was the star and she wanted to keep it that way. The cast and crew were starting to relax around her as well as she kept going and doing her job without any problems.

Now only if her mother would stop following her around the house. She had not moved out yet because of her father. The sweetest man she knew. He was genuinely concerned about her and tried not to smother her. Whereas her mother just would not leave her alone.

One thing Lizzy did shortly after she came home was put a lock on her bedroom door. Lizzy found that hysterical. The locked door drove her mother crazy. Her mother he was not able to walk in on Lizzy whenever she wanted. Served the witch right for telling on her to the producers, she thought. She was going get even with her mother for that one and for not believing Lizzy at the hospital. Her father was another story. He was completely supportive of Lizzy and had no problems when she put the lock on her door. Lizzy even gave him the only other key just in case she lost hers. He promised he would not tell Lizzy’s mother he had a copy of the key.

On the set, only a few of the crew had teased her. Lizzy just ignored them and the teasing started to go away. One of the actors, Jered, had told her secretly that he had experienced the same thing on a few occasions. He told her how all the lights kept going on and off, someone was whispering his name and he was sure he was being followed one night. He was also glad there was someone on the stage late to make sure everyone got out. Sweet Jered, he never teased her or looked at her funny like everyone else did when she got back. Jered was a sensitive kind of person, which was the best way she could describe him. Of course he did not let on that he was a sensitive kind of person except to the people he trusted. Lizzy wasn’t sure if he was gay or not, she never asked and he never said one way or another. All she knew was he seemed to be the only one who believed her and did not treat her as if she were “Broken”. Lizzy had to thank her mother for that unwelcome title every day.

Shortly after Lizzy got out of the hospital she started having strange dreams. They were so vivid they seemed real. But they could not have been real because she could never be like the person in her dreams.

Lizzy had woken up a few nights soaked in sweat remembering the most awful things. This was suppose to be after her car accident and she was going around trying to hurt people in the hospital. There was one little girl she verbally taunted for days and Lizzy had to be put in isolation. The little girl was comatose after Lizzy had traumatized her.

She remembered fighting with the nurses and trying to bite them and screaming like an animal. Every time she had the dream, right before she would wake up, she would be standing in a doctor’s office with a bloody knife. Sometimes Lizzy would be standing over someone with the bloody knife, sometimes she would be standing in the doorway with the bloody knife.

Once when she woke up she had been standing in the doorway of the doctors office facing the hall and watching the orderlies coming for her while she laughed manically holding the bloody knife. In all of her dreams she was holding a bloody kitchen knife because she had just butchered the doctor.

These dreams frightened Lizzy, something about them felt very real. But she could never kill anyone and she would remember if she had. Lizzy was also having other dreams of killing some of the people on the cast. After these dreams, she would not wake up drenched but she was still disturbed about having them.

Lizzy kept all this to herself. Her mother knew something was going on. She was standing in the door one night when Lizzy had woken up. After that night is when Lizzy decided she needed the lock on her door. Since then her mother kept insisting she go see a psychiatrist. Lizzy believed they were all quacks and they had no idea what the hell they were doing. She would not go see one. Her mother would not give up the idea. Lizzy took to screaming at her mother to shut up, and that she did not know what she was talking about. Lizzy was fine and she kept telling her mother that. Lizzy could not be seen as mentally unstable right now. Whenever the producers asked her how she was doing she always put on a happy face and told them “Everything is great!”  “The new direction of the character is a lot of fun. All the fan mail is fantastic. Thank You”. Lizzy would then walk away leaving them with the idea she was truly okay. And aside from the nightmares she felt fine.

Lizzy and Jered were starting to become friends. They were around each other so much. The writers made them lovers on the show so that meant rehearsals and same time on set and the same times off pretty much. She did not mind, Jered was great and easy to talk to. She did not confide her nightmares to him though. She did not trust anyone enough to do that.

One day at lunch in Lizzy’s trailer Jered said he overheard two guys talking about how they “Scared the shit out of Lizzy one night”. Jared told Lizzy who they were, Umberto and Dave. Jared went on about how they had to be the same guys that were harassing him as well. Jered thought they needed to do something to get back at the guys, but Lizzy said she would not have anything to do with it. She was having a hard enough time fitting in again thanks to her mother. After a while of talking about it and Lizzy still refusing to be involved Jered finally dropped the revenge plot and they went on to other topics and then rehearsal.

A few weeks later Jered and Lizzy were getting ready to shoot their last scene for the night when they heard screaming and a loud crash. Everyone on set ran to the commotion. On one of the living room sets Umberto lay tangled with the coffee table and couch. It was hard to make him out, His body was mangled from the fall but it was clearly Umberto. The producer called it a day and told everyone not to go anywhere. The police were on their way and they may want to talk to everyone.

Lizzy and Jered walked silently to wardrobe to change their clothes. Neither spoke to the other. They were both thinking of the conversation in her trailer during lunch a while back.



Lizzy was finally living her dream. She was young, a main character on a primetime television show and people were starting to recognize her when she was running around town. She was finally making her own money and supporting herself doing what she always dreamed of doing. Lately she had been contemplating getting her own place, she was tired of her parents supporting her “out of work actor” lifestyle. Though they never said anything and were always encouraging, she just felt it was time to be on her own.

Lizzy’s mother had become very protective the last few years and wanted to know where she was all the time. Sometimes she would even walk in on her unannounced. But despite being barged in on frequently Lizzy forgave her Mom all the times she was overprotective, she had almost died a few years earlier from a bad car accident. She was in the hospital for several weeks and the doctors were not sure she would even make it. Lizzy did not remember the accident or the few months afterward. The doctors said she would eventually get her memory back but as of yet, nothing.

Lizzy was on her way to the studio, she had a late call today and regrettably would be the last actor out of the studio. It ended up being a long busy day; she was pretty worn out when she finally wrapped her last scene for the night. The soundstage really gave her the creeps late at night. The rumor around the studio lot was that a cast member haunted the stage that was killed during the filming of the 1925 film. There were reports of people seeing a dark figure walking about the stage, but none of the current cast or crew had experienced any of this or at least admitted to anything. Maybe this was a story the studio managers came up with to make the studio seem more exciting.

Some nights when Lizzy stayed late she would hear strange noises and whispering in the dark when no one was there. Other times lights would suddenly come on as she was walking through the stage, then they would suddenly go out as she approached them. She always chalked it up to some of the crew playing tricks on her and cleverly hiding, but no one ever admitted to it.  A few times she could swear someone was calling her name in the dark, that’s when she really got freaked out and would practically run out of the soundstage.

Lizzy had asked other crew and cast if they had experienced anything weird late at night. She always got the same answer, “No”. Some of the guys on the crew started teasing her, all in good fun but she wondered if anyone of them knew something and were not telling her.

Most nights she was off early enough but lately she was getting more scenes written for her, her new character twist was going over well with the viewers. The writers had her turn to witchcraft to get even with a boyfriend who had cheated on her. She guessed her going “Carrie Underwood” on his car in an earlier episode wasn’t enough.

The director called cut and announced that was a rap.  All across the stage you could hear sighs of relief from everyone. Lizzy gathered up her things and headed to wardrobe to change. By the time she walked out of wardrobe after changing the stage was empty and most of the lights were out. She started walking toward the exit but she stopped. She was too tired tonight and did not want to take the chance of anyone playing pranks like before. She knew she would go running from the stage screaming bloody murder tonight if that were to happen. She rummaged in her purse for her pepper spray, just in case. She quietly laughed to herself thinking of peppering someone who jumped out at her. Would serve them right for playing tricks on her.

A few lights were left on above the sets but she had to walk along the outside walls behind the sets and the lights did little to light up the area. It was shorter to walk through the sets to the exit door but there was more stuff to trip over, not to mention that it was a labyrinth that way. It was a straighter shot and less to worry about along the outside wall around the sets, just darker than the rest of the soundstage. Lizzy was not looking forward to the walk.

Lizzy could scarcely make out enough light to see where she was going. Despite the frantic butterflies in her stomach she marched on. She wanted to get out as soon as possible and go home. Thankfully her car was parked near the stage, a perk for being one of the cast members on the show.

Her ears were buzzing from the adrenaline running through her. She wanted to run to the exit door but she knew there were all kinds of electrical wires snaking across the floor and lights up against the walls all along the way. It was hard enough to navigate during the day so she knew it was going to be slow going in the dark.

Lizzy tried to concentrate on not tripping over anything; she kept her hand just barely touching the outside wall as she made deliberate steps to make sure she made it over any wires. When she brought her foot down she did it gently in case she stepped on something. She wondered if this were how blind people had to deal with getting around. She would have to remember this and use it sometime in her acting.  She thought this was kind of a funny moment to be thinking of using an action for a potential acting role. She laughed to herself realizing you pick up the oddest things when you least expect it. “This is good” she thought, she was keeping her mind on other things and not completely freaking out, “One foot in front of the other,” she told herself.

She was moving along better than she thought she would be, she hadn’t tripped, there was no whispering, the lights weren’t going on and off and nothing else strange had happened. It was just Lizzy, the darkness and the obstacles in the dark.

She could see the glow from the exit door light getting brighter as she reached one of the corners of the soundstage. The exit door was just past the next corner. The light from the exit door made things a little easier going and thankfully there were less wires and lights to get caught up in along this wall.  After tonight she was going to talk to one of the shows producers and make sure someone stayed to make sure everyone got out late at night. This was just too nerve-racking to go through again.

With the improved visibility Lizzy started walking a bit faster and took her hand from the wall. She was almost to the next corner and just past that was the exit door. She started to breath a sigh of relief. A bit past half way down the corridor she could see the light from the exit door just past the corner.  Her heartbeat started to return to normal.

A few more feet and she looked up again, at that moment a black shape moved out of the corner in front of her and passed in front of the light as it moved away from her past the exit door. Everything about Lizzy stopped, she couldn’t take a breath and her heart slammed to a halt in her chest. She was not sure what she saw. It was hard to really see anything in the dark especially when she was trying to walk without tripping over something.

Lizzy stood there for several seconds listening to the sound of her own breathing once it started again; it was the only thing she could hear. She started to feel the effects of the adrenaline that was set off. She had to make sure to steady her breathing to keep from hyperventilating.

After a few moments she began to question if she really saw anything. What if there really was a ghost, she could then add to the rumors of the stage being haunted.

Lizzy forced herself to call out to anyone that might be there, no one answered. Lizzy’s legs were weakening with fear and there was shuffling in the direction the shadow had disappeared. If there was anyone there they were not answering her. Lizzy called out again thinking maybe whoever it was had earphones plugged into their ears. Still was no answer.

Lizzy’s fear was starting to get the best of her. Her body was telling her to follow her buckling knees into a curled ball and wait if out. She thought if she made herself really small it would all go away. Then the whispering started. Suddenly there was a loud crash behind her somewhere, like a light fell over. This set Lizzy into action and she took off running for the for exit door.

All be damned, she was going to get the hell out of the sound stage. Lizzy kept stumbling over wires and fell a few times trying to get out of the sound stage as quickly as possible. She was close to hysterics and was doing everything she could to hold back the tears and screams.

Finally she was only a few feet from the door, she put her hand out to push it open as she kept moving. Suddenly someone called her name and they were right next to her. It was too dark to really see anyone. She leaped sideways away from the voice in a panic and right into the wall next to her.

As well as the wall, Lizzy had flown into a standing light and knocked it into the wall. The light was bouncing back as Lizzy tripped over the cord trying to get her balance again and fell to the floor. Lizzy looked at the shadowed figure that had called her name. It was now standing over her holding something. Lizzy raised her hand holding the pepper spray she carried in her jacket pocket, ready to use it on the shadowed figure but she was too late.

As everything went black Lizzy heard her name whispered in the dark.

Lizzy woke up that morning in the hospital. She was not sure where she was at first, just that everything was really bright and she had an enormous headache. She tried to sit up to get a better look at her surroundings but laid back down immediately as the room began spinning and stars appeared in her vision.

Lizzy covered her eyes when she heard someone walk in the room, her pounding head kept her from looking to see whom it was. Someone touched her shoulder and whispered her name. Immediately Lizzy reacted and tried to jump out of the bed, the headache and room spinning stopped her from succeeding. She lay in a whimpering ball on her bed covering her eyes and trying to hold her head and will the pounding to stop. The hand shook her gently and this time the whispered voice she heard was familiar. She stopped whimpering and calmed down, when she rolled over she slowly opened her eyes; it was her mother who had been whispering her name.

Lizzy started crying realizing that it was her mother, she was safe, and she was out of the stage. She did not remember what had happened after she was hit on the head but she was now glad she was somewhere else with her mother. She cried for a few more minutes and her mother just let her get it out while holding Lizzy.

Later when Lizzy had calmed down and stopped crying her mother told Lizzy that one of the crew guys found her early this morning near the door, it looked as if she had tripped on one of the cables attached to a light.  As the cord wrapped around her ankle she pulled the light on top of her head, thus giving herself a nasty concussion. The crewmember called security right away and they called the ambulance. The doctors were not sure the extent of the concussion due to her being unconscious. They had checked for bleeding on the brain but all the tests came out okay.

As Lizzy’s mother finished recounting the tale to her a doctor walked in. The doctor asked Lizzy a few questions, checked her pulse, eyes and asked if she remembered last night. Lizzy was not sure what she remembered and told that to the doctor.  A few moments ago she would have sworn she was being stalked in the soundstage, and someone whispering her name.  She did remember the cord and falling to the floor but she was beginning to wonder if she just imagined the whispering and the shuffling. But then she remembered the shadow standing over her holding something in their hand.  Lizzy decided not to say anything to the doctor.

As soon as the doctor left Lizzy told her mother what really happened and that she had been hearing whispers for some time now on the stage late at night and all the other crazy stuff that had been happening. Lizzy’s mother just looked at her, her face had gone pale and it looked like she was about to cry. Lizzy became concerned for her mother. Maybe she was panicking her. Lizzy asked “Mom, what is it?”

“Lizzy, you cannot do this to me again” her mother said.

What was her mother saying, she just told her she was possibly assaulted and all her mother had to say was not to do this to her again. She wanted to scream at her, but the pain in her head became overwhelming and she blacked out again. When she woke up her mother was gone and it was dark outside. She had a feeling she would stay longer than one night if she kept blacking out. She was tired. She drifted off to sleep this time. In the twilight of her sleep she began to wonder if she really did hit herself with the light. But that story just did not feel right. As Lizzy slept she dreamed of dark shapes whispering her name.



I was walking down a corridor and noticed a light under one of the doors. As I opened the door I found a young woman holding a baby in her arms. The child was quiet, pale and motionless. The woman looked up with eyes that were shot with red and circles underneath them. As she looked up at me she silently pleaded almost as if to herself, “They have killed my child. Help us!” My reply was simple and emotionless “Someone will be in, in a moment.” I then backed out of the door and closed it behind me.

As I continued down the hallway I was troubled, not with what I saw,  but by my lack of caring and sympathy for the woman and her dead child. I had no remorse for not even trying to help her. I just left and felt nothing. How strange!! When did this start to happen. Days, weeks, years ago. I can’t remember.

As I turned the corner I came upon a waiting room and a young man was sitting in a chair. As I looked again, I found him to be weeping as well, his face was in his hands and his body was bent over. I came toward the door and at the sound of my footsteps the young man looked up and exclaimed “They have killed my father. Do you know why?” As before, I simply replied, “Someone will be in, in a moment.” I then backed away as before and continued down the hall, only a little slower this time.

I was once again confronted with the fact I was emotionless over the young man’s agony. How could I have been so uncaring for someone else’s pain. I don’t remember ever being like this before. My curiosity was now very strong for my own uncaring condition.

I stepped into the elevator I was waiting for without much thought. I pushed the button for my floor and the doors closed. While waiting for the elevator to ascend I again remembered the mother and the young man. After a few moments I noticed I had not arrived at my floor. What should have taken only a few seconds seemed to have taken a few minutes. I pressed my floor button again and the elevator jolted and dropped. I fell to the floor and became very concerned for my own safety. What if this doesn’t stop, will I die?

I suddenly felt guilty for not trying to console or do more for the pair above me. Should I die like this, knowing I refused help to someone who needed me? This was such a terrible thought to me I began to cry at my own selfishness and insincerity in life. How could I have let myself become like this. My life was supposed to help people and heal, but when I was needed I rejected them.

The elevator suddenly stopped. I hit the floor again while sitting, and in that moment I thought “It’s over, this is the end of my life. I’m not ready, I can’t. I still have more to do, more people to help, and now I want to. I need to for my own sanity.”

The elevator showed it was almost to the floor where I had gotten on. The elevator chimed it had reached its destination and when I looked to see what floor I was on, it was the one I had just left.

As the elevator doors opened I was anxious to make right what I had been neglecting. People were again my priority. I left the elevator in a hurry pushing past people waiting for the doors to open. I did not care if they grunted or whispered that I was rude. There were two people that needed my immediate attention, and that was where I was headed.



“Chop the god damn garlic, don’t slice it” Sadie’s mother yelled at her. As if she had no fucking clue as to what she was doing. Sadie was the one that actually graduated cooking school, and not just any cooking school; she went to Le Cordon Blue in Paris. For Christ’s sake she learned French just to go and paid her own way. Here’s to cheap ass parents or parent in Sadie’s case.

Sadie hated her mother. For as long as she could remember nothing was ever good enough for her. Sadie was always being yelled at, “Sadie pick up your clothes” “Sadie eat your food” “Sadie hurry up” “Sadie slow down the car” “Sadie you cant date that boy” “Sadie you cant be friends with that girl”  “Sadie you have go to this school” “Sadie” “Sadie” “Sadie”. Sadie just wanted to tell her mother “Shut the Fuck up”.

Sweet Sadie never said anything to her mother; she just kept her mouth shut and did what she was told. Her mother never appreciated a daughter like her, a daughter who does anything she’s told.

She remembered the time when her mother disapproved of a boy she was dating, made her break it off with him. It broke her heart; she never got over it. It was even more heartbreaking when the boy did not care and proved her mother right about him.

She cried when she was by herself; she never let her mother see her cry about the incident. She did not want to have to tell her mother the truth, she would just get yelled at about how right her mother was and Sadie should listen to her more often. As if that was really the case. At night before Sadie drifted off to sleep she would think about ways to kill her mother. How killing her would ultimately shut her up. Sadie would fall asleep with a smile on her face, then wake up with one until she saw her mother the next morning at breakfast.

When Sadie came back from Paris her mother declared that Sadie would be the new chef at the Restaurant. This was the last thing Sadie wanted; she already had 6 other restaurants lined up for interviews. One was even on the other side of the county, a good three thousand miles away. Far enough away so she would not be under her mothers thumb anymore. But it seemed her mother had other plans. She made Sadie call all the prospective restaurants and tell them that she was going into the “Family Business” and “how exciting it is to go into the family business” and “Thank you for considering me!” Those bridges were definitely burned.

The Family Business turned out to be what Sadie expected, being yelled at by her mother. She did not even do it in private anymore, she was yelling at Sadie now in front of all the staff and had even taken to making disparaging remarks about her in front of the customers.

Sadie started dreaming of killing her mother again at night, it seemed the only way she could get herself to sleep these days. It was the only thing that made her happy. The woman was driving her crazy and she was not letting up. Sadie had to get away from her mother somehow. That morning when Sadie woke she vowed to find a way to break free from her.

Sadie walked down to breakfast and of course her mother started in “It’s about time your lazy ass got up” and she just went off. Sadie tuned her out partly, but she could not completely.

Sadie and her mother drove into work together, and of course her mother drove because Sadie drove too fast. They had a big day today, a wedding for the State Senator. His daughter and the tender age of thirty-five finally decided to get married. Of course Sadie’s mother went on about how Sadie needed to find herself someone before she was an old maid like the Senators daughter.

Sadie finished chopping the garlic and put it in a bowl to use later. Her mother came to her and inspected the garlic. “This is a piss poor job of chopping garlic” she then threw the whole lot in the trash and told Sadie to do it over. Sadie did it over again keeping an eye out to make sure every piece was the same size approximately so her mother would have less to complain about. Of course it was still not good enough but just passable.

That’s how the rest of the day went preparing the food. The employees used to be shocked that Sadie’s mother would speak to her that way and would try to console Sadie at times. But now the just ignore the two of them.

Later on after the wedding ceremony, while the food was being served, Sadie had the task of cutting the prime rib for each guest. Sadie’s mother of course made her customary appearance at Sadie’s side and started in on Sadie in front of the Senator while he was standing opposite Sadie at the carving table. Sadie’s mother said loudly ‘That is certainly a piss poor job of cutting that prime rib, the Senator paid for nice thick juicy slices for him and his guests and your giving everyone these puny slivers”.

The Senator looked at Sadie’s mother with his mouth agape. There was silence in the room. The guests were appalled. The bride saw that Sadie had an odd look on her face. A look she thought was embarrassment. The bride got up quickly from her table to diffuse the situation as she somehow identified with Sadie. The bride joined her father the Senator in front of Sadie and was about to speak words of displeasure to Sadie’s mother.

At that moment, Sadie knew how she could get out from under her mother. She took the sharp butchers knife she was using to cut the meat and decided to use it to cut up her mother.

First she slit her mother’s throat like your suppose to do to drain an animal before cutting it into pieces. Any good chef knew this about meat. The blood spray found the bride and her father. The brides white gown took on a new color. The Senator’s was washed in red spots. No one moved. No one believed what was happening at first when Sadie started to dismember and debone her mother.  Sadie did not hear all the screaming and commotion as guests and the staff fled the room.  Oddly, the staff did not try to stop her.

Time stood still for Sadie. She worked diligently as if she was butchering a duck.   Suddenly everything was quiet and Sadie paused. She felt happy. The nagging voice was gone. Sadie stopped midway through deboning one of the legs.

When the police came to take her away Sadie was sitting next to what was left of her mother. Sadie had a contented smile on her face as she went quietly with the police. She was back to being herself again, sweet Sadie.

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