“Chop the god damn garlic, don’t slice it” Sadie’s mother yelled at her. As if she had no fucking clue as to what she was doing. Sadie was the one that actually graduated cooking school, and not just any cooking school; she went to Le Cordon Blue in Paris. For Christ’s sake she learned French just to go and paid her own way. Here’s to cheap ass parents or parent in Sadie’s case.

Sadie hated her mother. For as long as she could remember nothing was ever good enough for her. Sadie was always being yelled at, “Sadie pick up your clothes” “Sadie eat your food” “Sadie hurry up” “Sadie slow down the car” “Sadie you cant date that boy” “Sadie you cant be friends with that girl”  “Sadie you have go to this school” “Sadie” “Sadie” “Sadie”. Sadie just wanted to tell her mother “Shut the Fuck up”.

Sweet Sadie never said anything to her mother; she just kept her mouth shut and did what she was told. Her mother never appreciated a daughter like her, a daughter who does anything she’s told.

She remembered the time when her mother disapproved of a boy she was dating, made her break it off with him. It broke her heart; she never got over it. It was even more heartbreaking when the boy did not care and proved her mother right about him.

She cried when she was by herself; she never let her mother see her cry about the incident. She did not want to have to tell her mother the truth, she would just get yelled at about how right her mother was and Sadie should listen to her more often. As if that was really the case. At night before Sadie drifted off to sleep she would think about ways to kill her mother. How killing her would ultimately shut her up. Sadie would fall asleep with a smile on her face, then wake up with one until she saw her mother the next morning at breakfast.

When Sadie came back from Paris her mother declared that Sadie would be the new chef at the Restaurant. This was the last thing Sadie wanted; she already had 6 other restaurants lined up for interviews. One was even on the other side of the county, a good three thousand miles away. Far enough away so she would not be under her mothers thumb anymore. But it seemed her mother had other plans. She made Sadie call all the prospective restaurants and tell them that she was going into the “Family Business” and “how exciting it is to go into the family business” and “Thank you for considering me!” Those bridges were definitely burned.

The Family Business turned out to be what Sadie expected, being yelled at by her mother. She did not even do it in private anymore, she was yelling at Sadie now in front of all the staff and had even taken to making disparaging remarks about her in front of the customers.

Sadie started dreaming of killing her mother again at night, it seemed the only way she could get herself to sleep these days. It was the only thing that made her happy. The woman was driving her crazy and she was not letting up. Sadie had to get away from her mother somehow. That morning when Sadie woke she vowed to find a way to break free from her.

Sadie walked down to breakfast and of course her mother started in “It’s about time your lazy ass got up” and she just went off. Sadie tuned her out partly, but she could not completely.

Sadie and her mother drove into work together, and of course her mother drove because Sadie drove too fast. They had a big day today, a wedding for the State Senator. His daughter and the tender age of thirty-five finally decided to get married. Of course Sadie’s mother went on about how Sadie needed to find herself someone before she was an old maid like the Senators daughter.

Sadie finished chopping the garlic and put it in a bowl to use later. Her mother came to her and inspected the garlic. “This is a piss poor job of chopping garlic” she then threw the whole lot in the trash and told Sadie to do it over. Sadie did it over again keeping an eye out to make sure every piece was the same size approximately so her mother would have less to complain about. Of course it was still not good enough but just passable.

That’s how the rest of the day went preparing the food. The employees used to be shocked that Sadie’s mother would speak to her that way and would try to console Sadie at times. But now the just ignore the two of them.

Later on after the wedding ceremony, while the food was being served, Sadie had the task of cutting the prime rib for each guest. Sadie’s mother of course made her customary appearance at Sadie’s side and started in on Sadie in front of the Senator while he was standing opposite Sadie at the carving table. Sadie’s mother said loudly ‘That is certainly a piss poor job of cutting that prime rib, the Senator paid for nice thick juicy slices for him and his guests and your giving everyone these puny slivers”.

The Senator looked at Sadie’s mother with his mouth agape. There was silence in the room. The guests were appalled. The bride saw that Sadie had an odd look on her face. A look she thought was embarrassment. The bride got up quickly from her table to diffuse the situation as she somehow identified with Sadie. The bride joined her father the Senator in front of Sadie and was about to speak words of displeasure to Sadie’s mother.

At that moment, Sadie knew how she could get out from under her mother. She took the sharp butchers knife she was using to cut the meat and decided to use it to cut up her mother.

First she slit her mother’s throat like your suppose to do to drain an animal before cutting it into pieces. Any good chef knew this about meat. The blood spray found the bride and her father. The brides white gown took on a new color. The Senator’s was washed in red spots. No one moved. No one believed what was happening at first when Sadie started to dismember and debone her mother.  Sadie did not hear all the screaming and commotion as guests and the staff fled the room.  Oddly, the staff did not try to stop her.

Time stood still for Sadie. She worked diligently as if she was butchering a duck.   Suddenly everything was quiet and Sadie paused. She felt happy. The nagging voice was gone. Sadie stopped midway through deboning one of the legs.

When the police came to take her away Sadie was sitting next to what was left of her mother. Sadie had a contented smile on her face as she went quietly with the police. She was back to being herself again, sweet Sadie.


1 Response to “SWEET SADIE”

  1. November 26, 2009 at 2:44 AM

    Oh Rhonda that was a great story…:) I was totally into it wondering what was going to happen….I thought or sure the bride was going to save her along with her new husband but I am okay with the bitch dieing LOL.

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